Deal Sponsor

Riviera Group sponsors commercial real estate acquisitions through in-depth market research, uncompromising due diligence and third party vendor verification of factual data. We often invest 10%  or more along side our investors in every deal.

Deal Manager

Once acquired, Riviera Group acts as the asset manager implementing the value creation strategy throughout the holding period. Asset management includes all phases of deal management, including vendors, tenants, financial and legal matters.

Deal Dispositon

As the value creation strategy concludes and the asset reaches peak value, Riviera Group seeks to dispose of the asset using a broad marketing approach, thereby retiring all current debt, returning invested capital and disbursing investor returns.


Non-Performing Notes/REOs

We have invested in REOs and non-performing notes in our area since 1997. While some regulations have evolved since the financial crisis, the strategy still makes financial sense. However, caution is the main component of success. These investments can be highly speculative and projections should be thoroughly vetted.

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Next Steps...

Step 1: Register as an "accredited" investor.

Step 2: Research due diligence documents on current investments.

Step 3: Invest using our state of the art platform.